The truth is the internet is a boring white space, literally and figuratively without black people. We owe all our best memes, trends, and music to black people that we honestly cannot deny that even through years of oppression they have managed to create a culture that flourishes and us non-black folks are quick to appropriate and embed into our own.

the song repeats a protester being arrested singing “you about to loose your job, cause you are detaining me for no reason” and of course the people of twitter responded in the best form.

Even in the midst of pandemic and protests, Dj Suede The Remix God sent out a tweet with the hashtag #YouAboutToLoseYoJob that has since gotten over 8 Million views and counting.

As catchy as this is we do need to ensure that police are held accountable for their actions and push to repeal 50-A in New York. What is this you ask? 50-a is a section of the New York Civil Rights Law that deems the “personnel records” of police officers, firefighters, and corrections officers “confidential and not subject to inspection or review” without the officer’s permission. It was passed in the 1970s to both protect the personal information of officers who testified in court and to prevent “harassment” by criminal defense attorneys. In short – they can be part of hate groups and/or racist organizations and it’s not held against them or prior actions.

So yes, we are so down to ensure that racist police officers that abuse their power and do not uphold their duty to protect the public rather endager them should be held accountable and for real #YouAboutToLoseYoJob

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