Let’s Talk Pay with Diana Ruano

We will be talking to Diana Ruano of the Let’s Talk Pay initiative Live .

Pronounced Dee-ah-na. (pronouns: she/ her) Proud Salvadoreña born in New York. She identifies as Latina, Indigenous, and with my Mayan roots. Diana is passionate about empowering women of color and in 2019 launched an initiative called “Let’s Talk Pay.”

In a short amount of time she’s confirmed that this talk pay safe space is needed now more than ever. Her efforts with Let’s Talk Pay were recognized by Prospanica New York and she was awarded Top Latinx Leaders under 40 in Tech.

In addition to Let’s Talk Pay, Diana manages a team of 7 high performing individuals who support development of strategic initiatives to drive incremental growth for a leading tech company’s $60 billion consumer business. She is also obsessed with working out and recently started her journey to becoming vegetarian.

She aims to grow Let’s Talk Pay and advocate for women to get after their money.

You can find and work with Diana here https://www.dianaruano.com/work-with-me