12 Artists Performing at Dance Conmigo FUNDRAISER

You already know Dance Conmigo is going to be the event to be on Saturday, October 3rd. Our Saturday night is going to be full of music, dance, and comedy! There will be 12 artists will be peforming live at Dance Conmigo. Who will be there Saturday night?

  1. Erik Rivera stars in his own stand-up comedy special on HBO Max – Super White! Eirk will be our Emcee, Stand Up Comedian and Host for the night!

2. Sara Hernandez has performed at another Basic Brown Nerds event once before and she was hilarous! She’ll be performing stand pu comedy live at Dance Conmigo!

3. Box of Beats will be performing live for Dance Conmigo! You may have watched his W.A.P paraody on TikTok recently!

4. Niko Guardado is from Party of Five and is a guest speaker at Dance Conmigo!

5. Emily Tosta from Party of Five will be speaking at our event as well! Along with Party of Five, she’s also stared in FX’s Mayan’s MC.

6. Pingy Ring will be performing live for us and we’re so excited to see her on Saturday!

7. Hula Bella is a Deaf International Hula Hoop and Fire Dance Entertainer! Her performance is going to be LIT!

8. Harvey Guillen from Hulu’s What We Do in the Shadows will be speaking at Dance Conmigo!

9. The Chonga Girls will be performing comedy so you know it’s going to be a good time! You can’t miss it!

10. Mariachi Las Altenas is an all-female mariachi group and SA’s Pick 2019 Best Band! They’ll be opening our show on Saturday live!

11. Andrea Sixtos from Arrow and East Los High will be speaking at Dance Conmigo!

12. Arturo Castro from Broad City and Narcos will be speaking!

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