Chisme That Matters: The Social Dilemma & How to Leverage Tech to be Socially Responsible feat. Joy Valerie Carrera

Episode Description

“On Chisme #9, Kim chats with Joy Valerie from Carrera Digital and they talk Tech, the good and the bad and how to make it work for us and our communities.

Everyone is raging about Netflix’s documentary “The Social Dilemma” and how scary and impactful this information has been. For Joy, this is nothing new. She has been working in the Advertising and Media space for years now and knows exactly how these companies are using our data to their advantage. Instead of living in fear, she has taking the approach of using these apps/companies to her advantage and build not only her businesses but also teach our communities to do so as well. I mean, if they are using us, why not use them to build in a socially responsible way?”